Imagine traveling, having fun, and earning a fabulous six figure income while doing what you love to do. The Trade Show University can help you achieve that lifestyle by showing you how to become successful in the trade show industry, the highest paid venue for the close-up magician.

The Trade Show University mission:
To provide both the aspiring and inexperienced trade show performer with every bit of knowledge and information needed to become an established professional in the industry. Our comprehensive Video Lessons detail tips and relevant insider info; including: starting your business, finding and selling clients, preparing for the show, handling the show floor, what to do when the show is over, and many other topics expanded upon in the advanced lessons.

Are you tired of working parties, restaurants, picnics, and other lower-paying dates? It's time step up into the big leagues and get paid like a pro. ENROLL IN TRADE SHOW UNIVERSITY TODAY, the most extensive program ever offered to the magic and performing community.

Your Enrollment  Includes Bonuses

  • Ironclad Contract: This template assures you of getting paid even if the client cancels.



  • Client Servicing Agreement: This template Protects you when using another magician.



  • Client Proposal: Template for creating a bound booklet for client presentations.



  • Scripting Profile Template: Which you can send a new client to facilitate securing scripting information.



  • Scripting Outline Template: Designed to return to client.



  • Three easy-to-make marketing giveaways you can use.








Level 1 Highlights:
Bachelors Degree

Getting started in Business
Your Website - Do’s and Don’ts
Insights on Testimonials
Your Promo Reel
Sound Equipment
Liability Insurance
Trade Show Fees
Handling Expenses
Inside the Ironclad Contract
Sales - Finding Clients
Sales Call Techniques
Overcoming Price and Other Objections
Scripting Profile, Scripting Outline, and Scripting your Show
Preparing for a Show
Aisle View and Theater Style
Starting up a Show
Building your Crowd and Crowd Building Lures
Handling Client Premiums
Handling Performance Variables
(Cell Phone Users, Video Tapers, Bad Locations, and more).
Networking the Show
The Inconvenient Visitor
Purchase Orders, Client Invoicing
...and more!

Level 2 Highlights:
Masters Degree

Vertical and Horizontal Markets
Market Sectors for Selling your Show
Inexpensive Giveaways to Market Yourself
Advertising - Free vs Paid
Social Media
Post Show Video
Sales, The Next Level
Negotiating 101
Sales, Two Case Studies
Expanding your Menu of Offerings
Selling a Boothmanship Seminar
Selling a Pre-Show Meeting
Selling Premiums
Client Retention
Finding a Sugar Daddy
Your Personal Style
Recognizing Client Perceptions
Handling and Avoiding Date Conflicts
Using other Magicians
Travel - Domestic and International
Your Performance Style
Custom Table and Riser
The Ear Prompter
Using Music and Sound Effects
...and more!

Level 3 Highlights:
PhD Degree

Your Career, A Bigger Picture
Money Management
More on Record Keeping
Developing Industry Expertise
Personal Assistants
Expert Resources
How to use Show Directories
Major Venues
Who’s Who - Through the Years
...and more!

Imagine Performing as a Trade Show Magician and earning top dollars.

Harrison Carroll

“Learning about trade shows from Harrison is like learning about acting from Daniel Day-Lewis.”

Mike Seege
Lancaster, N.Y

“It's like Harrison is in my living room talking to just me, sharing these amazing insights and essentially giving me the keys to the kingdom.”

Kevin O’Mally
Lubbock, TX

“Not taking Harrison’s course is like playing a board game without all the pieces.”

Phil Pearce
Dallas, GA.

“Wow! There is so much valuable information in this course. It can be applied to all corporate events, not just trade shows.”

Ken McCreedy
St. Catherines, Ont. Canada


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