Important Terms and Conditions:

Your single, enrollment fee covers The Trade Show University course and bonuses for an entire year.You agree to the following conditions:

It is requisite that you complete all the video lessons in a given level before you can access the succeeding level. Until you complete all the courses at a given level, you will not be able to advance to the next level.

Why? This course is selling at ten times less than its actual value. The Ironclad Contract alone would cost you more than the entire course. We don't want the material or the bonuses falling into the wrong hands. This policy helps to protect you, the material, and your investment in it.

The ‘Free Bonus’ downloads are available after you have completed the specific lesson related to the given bonus item. These bonuses are written in Microsoft Office: You must have Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher) in order to open/edit them.

This material is © Harrison Productions, 2015. All rights are reserved. It is for the private and exclusive use of the Trade Show University members. Any other use of this material including: sharing your logon, rebroadcast, retransmission, or duplication, is strictly prohibited.



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