Knows Issues:

  • Your device must be Java enabled in order to play the videos.
  • Certain older devices are not technically capable of playing HD video.
  • We recommend updating your device.
  • The videos do play on all major browsers for the computer desktop and most all of the newer devices.

Q: My iPad says I cannot open the downloaded bonus.
A. You need to go to the app store and download the free Winzip app.

Q: The video freezes.
A: This could happen under certain conditions when using Wi-Fi. Unlike a hard-wire connection, Wi-Fi bandwidth will be dependent on the surrounding conditions. If your video is freezing, give it time to buffer. The progress bar in the video window will give you an indication when sufficient video has been downloaded to make it playable.

Or, you are running Mobile Data (Cellular)rather than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connects to a router. Cellular doesn't. Although cellular has long range and Wi-Fi does not, cellular can eat valuable data (depending on your plan) and consume more bandwidth. .

Some phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and newer models come with a connection booster which uses Wi-Fi and mobile data together to give you the fastest speed. But its data usage will increase.

Q:  I’m having trouble playing videos because they are buffering.
  As a first troubleshooting step, do you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser? Here are the steps, if you need them:

  • Start the web browser.
  • Tap the Options menu.
    The Options menu is in the top right of the address bar. When you tap the Options arrow, a menu opens.
  • Tap More Options.
  • Tap Settings.
  • In the Page Content settings section (at the top), choose Enable JavaScript.

Nook Tablets:
If you are running the Chrome Browser on some of the earlier Nook Tablets,  the videos may not run correctly. This issue can be overcome by running the Puffin Browser.

Kindle Fire:
You can resolve many intermittent video playback issues on your Fire Tablet by clearing Amazon Instant Video application data.
Tip: Clearing application data can also fix many common video errors, including "Error 13."
To clear your Amazon Instant Video application data:

  • On Kindle Fire 1st Generation devices: 
  • Tap the Settings icon, and then tap More. Tap Applications
  • Then select All Applications.
  • Tap Instant Video.
  • Tap Force Stop, and then tap Clear Data.




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